Vague and unsupported suspicion. It's enough to arrest me or you . . .

. . . . without a warrant or even a scintilla of evidence. 


For decades, I held on to my childhood belief that the Police were there to help me as a ‘good guy’, and would only arrest the naughty people.

This was until Devon and Cornwall Police instructed North Yorkshire Police to arrest me, without any evidence or warrant, from a false allegation generated by officers of Devon and Cornwall Police, usng profiling and through non-evidence based policing. There was never a claim of any wrongdoing submitted by  members of the public as witnesses, the police proceeded without demonstrative evidence; there was no documentary evidence;  nor did the police have any testimonial evidence, just a wild unsupported accusation derived from iniquitous minds. Yet, the calling for my arrest was made, on someone who was a 'trusted status' professional  and the subsequent punitive detainment and actions came into play. I can only assume from their approach and tactics that they thought they had a ‘Mr.Big’ of the paedophile world. In reality, all they had was me; a Head of House, a former Head of Care of two special schools and a retiree, who had returned to work in education for financial reasons. I had dedicated my life to caring about and dealing with other peoples children, having never harmed a soul throughout my career nor in any other part of my life. 

I had been a successful but naïve academic, who was cushioned and failed to recognise the brutal ‘real world’, where those given power will abuse and get away with it. The writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (the Noble peace winner) resonates; ‘Unlimited power in the hands of those with limited capacity always leads to cruelty. You can maintain power over people, as long as you give them something. Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be in your power’.

The police figuratively 'chambered their bullet and fired', much to do with a culture of 'We did it because we can' displaying contempt to any governance requiring significant evidence, or even reasonable eivdence. 'A reasonable suspicion requires the existence of some facts of information, which would satisfy an objective observer that the person concerned may have committed the offence.'  - The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE). Since the day of the arrest the Police service has been unable to bring forward any evidence to support the calling for my arrest.

The arrest was a task of evil inflicted on me, having a huge impact on my life, determining my social exclusion, sealing my financial poverty, destroying my employment prospects, breaking my relationship securities, twisting my mind, and significantly reducing my life chances. It has impacted my physical well-being and made dark changes in my thoughts and my character. I became  'collateral damage', through a modern policing culture. As a true victim of the times and a consequence to circumstance, I have been robbed of nearly everything, with my life out of control and I struggle to emotionally sustain my tenuous life, with the little I have left resulting from that which has been inflicted on me by the Police services. I live with the constant turmoil, confusion and fear. A life that lacks trust in others and stops my life journey onwards.

In early 2014,  a UK Professor in Criminal Law highlighted the basic position (to me) that  . . . .

"It is notoriously difficult to salvage a reputation after an erroneous arrest, and there are few, if any, opportunities for redress."

A position which was supported by a former Conservative government minister, describing to me much of the battle I would endure if I wanted to challenge the Police's actions. He said: "You never get any redress with the Police and if you do, it will be insignificant. It is likely to be a massive feat of endurance along the way" . He went on to ask did I have  "the stomach to pursue the police.  As they will pull out all stops to protect their colleagues and position, they will close ranks, refuse to divulge information under the guise of 'data protection' and will delay and delay in their responses, in the hope that statutory time limitations (on the governance of addressing complaints) would come into effect, preventing any real discussion". .  ." with the worst-case scenario (for anyone challenging the behaviour of an officer) was the retirement of officers placing themselves beyond investigation and questioning in complaints procedures". Further to this, a barrister argued: "Any police lies or deceit are difficult to expose unless they are subject to a subpoena issued through a public inquiry court jurisdiction of the 'Hillsborough Inquiry' level".

'Boy O'boy'  How right they were. This is a plain iniquity and an affront to any natural justice and any fairness.

My 'hero' is Christopher Jefferies, who was falsely accused of a murder. He has written much about his experience of being on the radar of the Police. He talked about his detainment and the subsequent actions of the Police.

"At the time it felt as if the police were deliberately playing a game - promising the ordeal would soon be over and then finding it necessary to prolong the wait. It was a form of psychological torture."

This website is my factual account and 'journal', describing the impact of a false allegation, made by Devon and  Cornwall police, and how it has fundamentally challenged my rule-following individual mindset;  more so, it has changed my naïve views on accusations, allegations, arrests and the impact it has on the 'common man', when arrested without just cause from a serious allegation, released with Police bail and all the time delays in inquiries;  then to discover that there was to be no redress when the truth about my innocence was revealed.

What is most impacting is when the police (alone) are able to make an 'unsupported' and non-evidenced allegations and get away with it. After my arrest my financial losses are yet to be determined, as the event destroyed my career (something I relied on to pay the mortgage); the emotional impact has been devastating and the event has broken most of my former relationship security I had with friends, family and former acquaintances. It has also severely corrupted my cosy, naive, trusting and simple view on fairness, the legal system and the Police service.

This is a personal website. This site has been a cathartic and organic exercise to recondition my thoughts away from ending my life. Throughout, there is no intention to defame or cause any harm to another person. There is, however, an eagerness by me to share my story and life with others, letting the public know what is happening under their noses, allowing them to judge me with all the information.Any opinions I express are derived from my own experience. For ease of viewing, I have tried to provide information with a limited number of links to empirical data - I don't want it to look like an academic report. All data is supported by written evidence.